Friday, June 26, 2009

A Social Outing

We have a social outing, as usual, on Fridays. We had thought that we might host this week, but another friend desired to have the group at her house. We won't have another chance to host until August. We'll be out every Friday (and indeed every day) in July.

We had an exciting game last night at baseball. My older son caught four (yes, four!) foul balls, and got one signed. I don't know if we'll have another game tonight. Starting tomorrow, we've got a long spread of games at home. After two weeks of no games, it's full evenings, now.

Friday is cleaning day, and boy, does the Cottage need it. I'll be happy to make time to clean. Our guest was postponed until tonight. I'll be happier to have her here with a clean Cottage.

The grape vines continue to thrive in the heat. They're getting quite established and happy. We may even have enough leaves for home made dolmas come the fall. There won't be any grapes for quite some time, but we enjoy their beautiful leaves for now.

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