Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Wild Place, With Dried Grapes

I am not quite sure what happened to my grapes, although I know very well what happened to my garden.  I allowed it to go to seed, as I posted previously.  Apparently, my grapes decided to go straight to seed as well.  They are either green and lush - weeks away from ripening, or they are seeds, no fruit in sight.  I wonder if the fruit was eaten.  Perhaps the heat turned the fruit to raisins.  The vines look wonderful.  I am amazed how much better the north vine looks this year than I expected it to look.  I will definitely be more prepared to cultivate it next year.  I dream of expanding our vineyard beyond it's little space, as I see how well, if how wild, my grapes progress.

The garden must so offend all who see it.  It's of no aesthetic pleasure.  Only an eye for heirloom seeds would understand how much I love it.  I am taken with the abundance of the beet seeds.  I only wish I had all the time I need to harvest and prepare them.  I am in no hurry.  I have a few weeks to attend to the children's needs before it's time to switch to my fall plantings.  I have harvesting the current seeds, nurturing carrots, weeding and preparing for planting.  It won't look wild for long.  Despite it's appearance, it's not truly wild now.  It's mature and sage and fertile.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Looking to Keep Heirloom Seeds

Looking to the future: I'm watching many of my plants go to seed in the garden.  I am so excited over the prospect.  I'm not concerned with harvesting the veggies for myself, although I'm sure to have my share.  I may not get the cucumber I dreamed of.  I may not feast on heirloom zucchini.  I pause on my desire for a full platter.

However, I would love the prospect of sharing my heirloom seeds this year, above my own palate's satisfaction.  My garden isn't (merely) my vanity.  My garden is about educating the children.  It's about preserving a method of gardening nearly extinct.  It's for something larger than myself.  If all I receive this year from it is the opportunity to share, then my garden is a success.  I know that I won't be limited to that.  I haven't been already.  It will be part of a larger story.  This year will be a harvest primarily of seeds.  Next winter and spring will be about a season of sharing.  For that, I can look forward to a delight.  Normally, my season of anticipation is winter for the upcoming summer.  This year, my anticipation is in the summer for the upcoming winter.

Who knows?  I don't even have the beginnings of the fall garden yet.  2013 may yet be a remarkable year all around.