Monday, April 21, 2014

The Successful Results From Pruning

Last winter, I pruned the vines, in hopes that they would grow stronger.  The new growth I see demonstrates the wisdom of pruning.  The new growth is heartier and more lush than this time last year.  We had a harsher and longer winter.  There's been less time for growth, yet it's healthy growth.

I think of what I've been growing through myself.  I had fast growth, but my own stems were thin.  I needed to be pruned back.  I pruned myself.  I denied myself my desires.  Then, I allowed time to grow stronger and heartier.  I've been rewarded beyond my wildest dreams.  I know that I'll receive even more in the months to come.

When we open our hearts to getting our needs met, sometimes it actually happens.  We have to have faith that pruning helps with growth.  Untempered growth isn't a solid foundation for the growth yet to come.  Some growth is fast.  Some pruning is destructive.  But, most of the time, well tended, well paced growth precedes the fulfillment of future bounty.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Wisdom of the Archbishop

I decided to make a very subtle change here at the Cottage Vineyard.  Most people may never notice it.  However, it was time.  I can no longer support certain ideals.  I listened to the Archbishop, and encourage you to do, as well.  I deeply respect his guidance.

Everything we say here goes around the world.

We have to listen incredibly carefully.  We have to work out what we do.