Monday, March 10, 2014

Scaling Back To Vines

This year, I'm contemplating keeping the vineyard without the garden.  I am considering whether gardening is physically good for me, or contraindicated.  I will see a new physician in April, but this may be too late for getting the garden started.  I would love to expand the garden, rather than scale back.  The vineyard won't change.  Both vines are established.  Maintaining a micro vineyard is easy.  Now that pruning has tamed the vines, I don't have much to do this year but watch them succeed.  I hope to hear that gardening is fine, and that April doesn't prove too late for planting.

Another consideration I have is my writing.  For a year, this blog has not been my primary focus.  I am writing elsewhere.  I love this work, and am seeing progress of my writing career.  No longer is blogging my primary writing expression.  The work load increases, and so does my satisfaction.  Writing is perfect for the medical concerns I'm facing.  It's flexible in scheduling, and can be done without too much physical exertion.  Nor, do I have to sit for hours on end like previous desk jobs I've had.  However, time spent writing is not time spent gardening.  As the boys grow older, I find less time to garden, as well.  Perhaps with the warm weather, it will be a way to supervise them.  I'd love to pass on the love of both gardening, and good, solid work to them.  I'm sure I will, but it may not be directly by my own hands.  I will need the fresh air and sunshine.  For now, March will be a waiting time, instead of preparing and planting.

Either way, neither the cottage vineyard, nor the Cottage Vineyard blog will be going anywhere.