Friday, June 28, 2013

The End of the Peas

The peas did not last long this year.  Partly, the summer heat after a cool, wet spring was too much for them.  It went too hot, too quickly.  They couldn't withstand the dramatic weather changes.  How wonderful that we were able to get some peas from them.

By we, I mean my four year old.  Ahem - he devoured all but one or two pods.  They were fantastic, and I don't blame him.  I am delighted that a small child could be so enthusiastic over vegetables.  Nonetheless, he essentially destroyed them by harvesting the pods with vigor.  Next year, he will be even more a help in planting, weeding and harvesting.  Perhaps by then, he'll learn to be gentle enough to allow the plants to survive his efforts.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Italian Parsley - Emerging

Just when I was convinced that cilantro was the only herb in the garden this year, I discovered Italian parsley.  I almost missed it.  I was weeding around the spinach and discovered those distinct leaves.  I am enchanted.  My carrots are growing well next to the tiny parsley as well.  I wouldn't have expected anything in that spot, what with the huge spinach plant blocking the afternoon sun.  The spot doesn't have any sun in the morning.  Somehow, without being weeded properly, and no sun, this little herb has fought through the odds.

Alas, the peas were over-adored by the four-year-old.  In his excitement, he decimated the plants to harvest the pods.  Even if the harvest was smaller than it would have been, I can't imagine a pea harvest being adored more.

And the grape vine!  The vine is heavy with grapes: abundant, glorious grapes.  It's extraordinary a plant so small could have flourished so well.  I intend to post a photo I've taken, when I get a few spare moments.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Luscious, Juicy Green Peas

The first vegetable harvested and eaten this summer: peas.  This week we've enjoyed luscious, juicy green peas.  The sublime pleasure of eating raw peas right in the garden has been indulged this year.  My four year old has declared peas as his all-time favorite food.  He ravenously devoured peas too immature for harvest.  He salivated over the fat, juicy ones.  After checking every day for weeks to watch them grow, he relished every morsel of his peas.

The second harvest was a small about of an herb: cilantro.  Exactly one of the plants I thought lost was the second to produce for the table.  I am delighted that the herb part of the garden is doing well, even if it's just the one.  Now, I only need to weed and watch and enjoy the early summer days's growth.