Monday, June 8, 2009

Reviewing a Typical Day

Late last week, I reviewed what a typical day for my older son was like. I was surprised to see just how much time he spends in free play. Of course, any two year old needs quite a bit of free play. However, I think he needs more structured time for reading and active, or outdoor, play. This week, I'm actively adding in two half-hour blocks of reading to him, morning and evening. It helps that we don't have too many errands to interfere. Once we get established with this routine, it will be easier to have a busy errand day in a couple of weeks. This should also transition well to when we have homeschooling preschool in the autumn.

I'm also doing the same written reviewing of nutrition and potty learning. Altering these behaviors may take more time and energy. It's a worthwhile tool, for those on the path to better organization.

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