Monday, January 6, 2014

Pruning Season

I have pruning this month.  I know it's the right thing to do, but I have been hesitant.  Mostly, it's been my own physical adjustment to what I should and shouldn't do.  I know that in the next Saturday or two, I need to lop off much of their growth.  It's for their own good.  Both vines will thrive once they have their needs met.  

I appreciate the metaphor for human lives as well.  When we are pruned, we grow back healthier and hardier than if our growth was unchecked.  We thicken our roots and our trunks.  We don't overburden our outstretched limbs by too much growth, too soon.  It hurts for humans.  We feel as if we have taken a step backwards.  Instead, we will grow our new branches faster and better than we grew the first ones.  Somehow, we remember the things that worked.  Sometimes, we remember the lessons learned and don't make the mistakes of growing in the wrong directions a second time.  No matter what, pruning is as good for humans as it is for vines.