Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Thriving Vine

Here at the vineyard, we are going very small scale.  We are down to one vine.  The north vine was transplanted, yet did not survive.  It took the first year, but I suspect the neighbor's Round Up killed it after the second year.  She has been quite vigorous in her application of the pesticide, and does not share our organic sensibilities.  She also does not desire any greenery along our shared fence.  I can understand, as the previous owners allowed ivy to grow unchecked.  We keep our vine tended.  As a vineyard lover, I see only beauty in grape vines. I understand that others do not.

Our south vine is thriving.  This year, we have 65 bunches of grapes.  Most of them are eaten by growing children or by birds.  I don't mind in the slightest.  Grapes that grow along the fence are there for the gleaning.  First fruits are offered freely.  One day, we'll have 14 vines in the space available, but for now, I'll share single vine with all other creatures.