Thursday, February 6, 2014


I pruned the vines at the end of January.  I now wait for the spring growth.  We have a dusting of snow.  I realized while pruning that last year's growth was far more aggressive than I realized.  The term "cottage vineyard" took a bit too real of a meaning.  The north vine grew into the siding of the house.  Oh my.  I successfully removed it.  Now, I'll pay more attention to training the vines.

I still have to remove the dead vines from the fence.  I didn't leave enough time for removal during the pruning.  I did discover how much the garden has overgrown in the fall.  I may have to do more work come March Saturdays than I had hoped.

Fortunately, for my writing, my time for gardening has dramatically reduced.  My work grows beyond my ability to blog.  I'm writing so much for my other work, that I barely have time for the cottage, much less blogging about the cottage and the garden.  I'm rather satisfied.