Saturday, May 4, 2013

An Array of Seedlings

So far in the garden, we have over 30 pea seedlings, about 17 beet seedlings and two cucumber seedlings.  The new grape vine has yet to sprout.  The herbs appear decimated by the children.  Last year's spinach plant is thriving, as is a collard that somehow survived my eradication.  The beets from last year are thick and  bushy.  I didn't eat them all.  A plant or two has gone to flower, so I hope to have seeds for myself this year. My garlic chives are doing alright.

I'll be replanting the herbs, carrots and more lettuce.  I can tell if it sprouted or if those are weeds.  Regardless, the lettuce and carrots are best with successive plantings, and I prefer my herbs to have successive plantings.

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