Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last Year's Lettuce?

It appears that last year's lettuce has reseeded itself.  While I was weeding the potatoes, I noticed what looked like dandelions.  I pulled up, and realized that it was anything but a dandelion.  It was heirloom head lettuce!  I haven't planted that variety this year.  I only put in one variety of lettuce, and that was in another part of the garden.  Somehow, this variety has been waiting in seed form all this time.  How I'm going to manage lettuce amongst the potatoes, I have no idea.  I'm delighted at the challenge.  So even though this year's variety didn't develop, I'll still have home grown lettuce for this summer's salads.

The carrots continue to amaze.  My beets are also progressing.  And the peas!  They've gone to flower, even the plants that are still short.  I'll have pods in a matter of days.  I think I'll have a nice amount of cilantro.  Perhaps the first cucumber plant will be the only one I have this year.  I don't know if I'll be able to plant more basil in the last of spring.  I think it's my only disappointment with the garden.  All things considered, I can't complain of just one disappointment (and that's not even too late, either.)

At last, the grapes:I am entranced by the beauty of my lush vines.  I can't quite believe how my prayers have been answered here at the Cottage.  They have both prospered so well.  The north vine is heavy with green grape bunches.  I hesitate to think what will happen in the future with them attracting wasps.  We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  For now, I'll enjoy the promise fulfilled.  We do indeed have a cottage vineyard that actually produces grapes.

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