Thursday, May 16, 2013

Peas, and All Their Glory

The peas are growing up the fence with a rapid pace.  I asked my four year old what was his favorite vegetable from the garden.  "Peas!!!" He squealed with delight.  I asked him what his second favorite was.  "Carrots!" was his reply.  We discussed how wonderful it is to grow our vegetables in the garden.  His interest now is plums.  While that would be wonderful for the vineyard to have plums flavoring the soil (and apricots, too,) I don't think he realizes how much longer he'd have to wait for plums compared to peas.  Perhaps I won't have to wait too long myself for such joys, but it won't happen soon.  Trees aren't going to grow in our tiny space without sacrificing the children's play space.

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