Thursday, May 16, 2013

Replanting Cucumbers and Emerging Carrots

One of the cucumbers that I planted a few weeks back is established.  I expect a cucumber or two by early summer.  The down side is that there is no doubt that my four year old decimated the other mounds.  I am reconciled to replanting, and hoping that it's not too late in the season.  I adore heirloom cucumbers, and would love to show these off to the neighbors.  Plus, it's one of the most cost effective plantings that I do in the garden.  With cucumbers, I feel that I'm really getting a savings from the family budget.

The carrots have surprised me with their resilience.  Not only did I get one or two, I have two full rows to admire.  I planned successive plantings anyway, as appropriate to the species.  Now, I can look forward to carrots all summer and fall.  Real baby carrots will be a delight as well.  I don't recall the last time I had the real thing, as opposed to the mechanically processed baby carrots from the supermarket.

The herbs and lettuce continue to disappoint.  I hope that a second planting or a planting later in 2013 will be more profitable to the Cottage Vineyard table.

The grapes on the northern vine continue to stun me.  I am blown away by its progress.  I am inspired to save all those seeds, to have a full working vineyard, years from now.  There's nothing like a taste of success to inspire one to work all the harder.

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