Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Cold Snap and a Toddler Attack

We've had unseasonably cool weather here at the vineyard.  We'll even come close to a late freeze tonight.  While there's been plenty of rain, the coolness of the season is going to change the progress of the garden this year.  I hope that the grapes will be nurtured by this weather, and produce delicious grapes.

While the peas are sprouting, I despair over anything else popping out of the ground.  Two of the children have been brutal.  One has stomped over all the garden, just at the time when I expected to see a sprout.  He was particularly harsh on the mounds where I had planted potatoes and cucumbers.  Alas, I love cucumbers from the garden.  The other toddler has almost flooded the seeds with over watering.  We've had plenty of rain.  I suspect that there has been too much water for there good.  With three children, I know better than to plant all the seeds at once.  Beside, incremental planting is wise for the lettuce and carrots.  I may have better luck with the progression over the next few weeks' plantings.  We'll see.  At this point, I'm only confident that my previous efforts this spring will produce peas.

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