Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reviewing Quotes from Mary Wollestonecraft

I spent some time doing a writing exercise this morning, exposition on quotes from Mary Wollestonecraft.  It's an old exercise from school, to get the creative juices flowing.  I was amazed to discover how my opinion on matters had changed since I had originally transcribed the quotes.  I didn't write at all the opinion that I would have expected.  I have changed and grown this year.  I'm shocked at the judgement and lack of charity I had expected to write.  Now, I see life from a more compassionate, more loving point of view.  I'm eager to make new friends to help me grow even further.  I'm not looking for friends to reinforce my own points of view.  I am humbled at how much more love I have to give.  I am humbled by how much more I have to learn.  I reject my smug condemnation of others, that I embraced even a short few months back.  The exercised proved more than just pre-writing creative work.  It reflected a position back to myself that I would no longer claim.  I wish now to approach life from a place of love and faith.

Perhaps I will post my exercise from this morning.  Perhaps I will use this blog for future exercises.  Either way, I see that writing as fitting in here with the gardening posts.  It's all part of my journey back to the fold and back home.  It's part of my journey learning to love others, as I have been loved.

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