Thursday, May 21, 2009

Third Thursdays

On the Third Thursday of the month, our schedule is altered. Instead of just running errands, we also attend a meeting in the morning. That pushes our errands to the afternoon, and makes for a busy day. It's a challenging day as far as organizing goes, but it's a testament to how much organizing improves our day. It used to be that the meeting threw off our schedule so much, that nothing else could be accomplished. Now, we can fit it all into the day.

How did we get so organized? Well, the boys getting older was a big help. There's no magic with a newborn in the house; those are busy days. Once we passed that phase, matins was our key. Beginning the day with prayer, worship, a chapter of Proverbs and a New Testament Passage sets us off on the right foot. From there, we've been able to gradually add in more tasks, duties and activities, one at a time. Matins is the magic!

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