Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fixing the Soap Dispenser

I fixed our kitchen hand soap dispenser. While not the most pressing of issues, it has been a lesson in perseverance and frugality. When we moved into the Cottage, the dispenser had been broken for who knows how long. I could have gone to the hardware store, and purchased a new one. Instead, I made do with another dispenser and just waited until I could arrange the soap system better. I'm so glad I did. For the second dispenser also broke just recently. However, I was able to see through the clear plastic, and realize how the fault occurred. I thought it likely that the same catch had occurred with the first one. That is, granular matter lodged within the spring mechanism. I soaked both dispensers for quite some time, and tried to force as much water inside each. After a time, the water dissolved the matter, and now both work well. Since I used the left over water from washing dishes, the cost to me was nil. I now can transfer the plastic dispenser to the bathroom, and have liquid hand soap there, too. Of course, I now prefer the soap from the Dunbar Mercantile - just a little irony to brighten my day.

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