Friday, July 31, 2009

Sun for the Very Last Lesson

Today is my older son's very last water safety lesson. Next summer, he'll enroll in the beginning swimmers' lessons. Meaning, this is the last lesson where I'll go into the pool with him to help him. He's mastered all the skills and once again is at the top of his class. I'm so pleased with his progress. He'll be a strong, independent swimmer before other children even have their first lesson at about school age. Considering his disability, I'm so happy that there is one area where he is not so very far behind other children his age, but rather ahead of them.

Mistakenly, I posted information that rightfully belongs to the Cottage Vineyard Kitchen. Look there for that post and more like it.

Tonight we have a double header for the baseball game. Our older son was crushed that last night's game was rained out. Thankfully, it wasn't his swimming. We'll see how both boys do at such a long time at the ball park. Both games only go to the seventh inning, so that should make it easier. I'll pray early, before we go, and we'll eat ball park food for supper.

With luck, I'll finish the new sling for the baby, and carry him around in it tonight.

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