Monday, October 21, 2013

As The Grape Leaves Fall

I will be pruning the grape vines heavily this winter.  I wait for the leaves to completely fall before I attempt any work.  I did not harvest any grapes this year.  The north vine produced wonderfully, but life intervened.  I was too preoccupied with other tasks at hand to worry with the fruit.  The vine was healthy enough this year to bear fruit. That is enough.  The children took preeminence.  They required more involved care this summer.

I am happy with things, though.  I needed this season, just as it was.  I don't serve the garden.  It serves me.  I work their for my own pleasure.  The grapes are their own beauty.  One year or one season without maximum productivity does not diminish their worth in any way.  They can grow, produce and not be harvested.  Next year, they may grow yet further.  They might not bear as much fruit.  They still have worth.

I love my garden, just as it is.  It does not exist to show off to the world.  It exists to be my joy.

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