Saturday, December 1, 2012

Waiting on a Friend

I've written an old friend, in hopes of re-establishing a friendship.  I've realized lately how valuable old friends are.  A friend of my mother's has just lost a dear friend from childhood.  Reading her words on the value of these friendships over decades has opened my eyes on what I need to do.  While I have a handful of friends of that long duration, I've not focused on them much in the last two years.  Granted, I've been caring for three young children, two with permanent serious disabilities.  All the more reason for me to understand what really matters and what doesn't.  Keeping up with latest clothing fashions? I haven't missed much in the last two years.  Not keeping up with old friends?  I've shortchanged myself.

I hope to hear from my friend at all.  I hope to hear a positive response instead of a rejection, and a preference to maintain the distance.  I am prepared for both options.  Ideally, I'd love to have a companion for hiking, or swimming laps at the natatorium or just coffee.  While my solitary respite was necessary at first, it has now become merely lonely.  A friend is the perfect remedy.

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