Monday, August 10, 2009

Baseball Season Is Over; Preparing for Autumn

Over the weekend, our local baseball season ended. Sadly, our team was out of the play offs, and we're done for baseball this year. We have a few quiet weeks until school begins. We began this morning with introducing the notion of morning lessons. My elder son loves singing nursery rhymes for his lessons. For now, that's what he needs to learn. He's eager for preschool, and doesn't mind the loss of summer fun. It's a bit hard for him to understand that summer fun is past, but he's learning. I think that he'll enjoy learning so much that he won't mind the long wait until next summer.

I have some preparation time before home schooling begins in full force the day after Labor Day. I am doing my preliminary work now, and gearing up for two full hours every day, four days a week. Fridays will be our social time; we'll keep to play group for another year. The younger boys have just turned two, and the older boys aren't quite ready to move on to their preschools. Thank heavens that I've been working on organization for months now! I don't know how moms do it without an organization plan. For us, Morning and Evening prayer has been essential in structuring our days, and devoting us to higher purposes. I only wish I'd learned this growing up, myself. What a gift to the world for centuries now! Prayer is the secret; prayer is the answer.

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